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LocumRocket is a simple yet revolutionary platform that is reinventing
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Easily Find Qualified Medical Professionals

Easily connect with thousands of qualified medical professionals looking for freelance work across the US.

Pressed for time? No worries! Our algorithm will suggest a list of potential candidates to help you pick somebody perfect for the job.

We pre-screen candidates to give you peace of mind.

Easily Find Qualified Medical Professionals

Hire the perfect medical freelancer for the job with the click of a button

Manage the entire process, from start to finish, online via our platform.

No more dealing with expensive third-party brokers.

Save Tons of Money

You set the rates for the job and negotiate directly with the hire.

Every week, the hire fills out a timesheet with the hours worked. Once you approve the timesheet, you seamlessly pay the provider through our platform.

We charge a flat 20% commission. That’s it!

That’s way, way, way cheaper than going through traditional recruiters.

No hidden fees. No hassle. No surprises.

Find the right freelance opportunity for free

Search thousands of awesome jobs across the US. It’s FREE!

Search by type of facilities, salaries and many more criteria.

See pay rates up front.

Get hired quickly

LocumRocket makes it easy to connect with employers and begin doing great work.

You get to apply directly with the recruiting facility.

You choose the job that works best for you.

No agency or intermediary. You’re the boss!

Focus on what you do
best and love

Provide awesome care to your patients.

Get paid quickly & seamlessly

Once your work is completed, fill our your timesheet and get paid seamlessly.

That’s it! No hidden fees. No 3rd party. No hassle. No surprises.

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